Dungeons & Dragons Cake Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

Dungeons and Dragons is a tabletop-turned role-playing game that has captured the hearts and minds of many players throughout the years. If you have a loved one who enjoys Dungeons and Dragons, create a special cake for her next birthday or special occasion using a few basic cake-decorating ideas.

Grid Sheet

Battle grids, which are large pieces of paper with a uniform grid pattern drawn on them, allow players to visualise battle actions. Use the grid idea to create your cake. Start with a basic sheet cake cut into a square large enough to feed the intended number of party guests. If necessary, bake two sheet cakes, place them next to one another on a serving platter and then cut them into a square shape. Cover the cake in a layer of white buttercream frosting. If desired, cover the cake in a layer of rolled white fondant after the buttercream layer for a smoother look. Once covered in either frosting or fondant, draw a uniform grid pattern on the cake using 1- by 1-inch squares. Make the lines for the grid using black edible paint. Place small Dungeon and Dragons figures on the cake to replicate a battle in progress.

Carved Dragon

For more experienced cake decorators, create a carved cake in the shape of a dragon. Stack layers of cake on top of one another. Carve the cakes into a dragon shape using a serrated knife. An easy way to make the dragons head is to mould the head shape out of rice cereal treats. Cover the entire cake, including any cereal treats, with a layer of buttercream frosting. Add a layer of rolled fondant in your chosen dragon colour, such as green or red, over the top of the cake. Add details to the dragon, including scales, eyes and nostrils. To make scales, press the end of an offset spatula into the fondant to create the half-circle shape. Repeat the pressing all over the cake. For other details, use edible paints and an airbrush.

Tiered Cake

Another simple decorating idea is to make a tiered cake. Cover the cake in rolled fondant or buttercream frosting. Cut out shapes from rolled fondant or gum paste to decorate the sides of the tiers. Consider shapes such as dragons, a mace, swords, polyhedral dice and monsters. Decorate the cutouts with edible paints. Attach the cutouts to the side of the tiers using buttercream frosting placed on the back.

Polyhedral Dice

Part of Dungeons and Dragons game play is rolling a 20-sided dice. One option to recreate a polyhedral die is to stack cakes on top of one another, then carve the cakes with a serrated dice to achieve the look. Cover the cake in rolled fondant. Then, create the numbers for the sides of the die using cut pieces of fondant. Another option is to make a 3-D round cake using a sports ball cake pan. Once the cake bakes, cover it in frosting. To achieve the polyhedral look, pipe triangles onto the cake using frosting in a pastry bag. Create 20 triangles of equal size around the cake. Then, pipe the numbers 1 through 20 into the triangles. Use an actual 20-sided die to figure out the number arrangement.

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