Games to improve employee morale

Written by shae hazelton
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Games to improve employee morale
Your morale-boosting game can be as simple as a game of office basketball. (Aidon/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

Sometimes, employees may need a jump-start to restore work morale. Working as a team to accomplish a goal can build morale and trust among employees. You have a wide range of games you can play to boost employee morale. Just don't forget that after the games are over, there's work to do.

Trust Game

A trust game allows employees to trust coworkers' judgment about their well-being. Have your employees pair off in an area particularly obstructed by desks or chairs or outside where hills or other environmental conditions could otherwise pose a risk to a blindfolded person. One employee will wear a blindfold while a co-worker guides him verbally. The person guiding should not touch the blindfolded employee at any time to guide him; this puts the leader in a position of trust. Knowing that you work with trustworthy people can greatly boost morale among employees.

Brainstorm Groups

Group games build camaraderie among employees, which can make work more enjoyable. Pitting groups of employees against each another can build healthy competition as well. Separate employees into groups and give them a work-related task like thinking up methods to increase workplace efficiency. Give your employees time to think of an idea and create an imaginative presentation for their ideas. The group with the best idea gets to see the idea implemented as a reward -- although a pizza party for group members, in addition to the recognition, wouldn't hurt.

Office Tag

Playing a game of tag around the office can help employees associate the office with an enjoyable experience. This works best in office buildings with plenty of spare room and no delicate equipment. Remove or store away office supplies that may break if the game gets rough. Designate a chaser (the person who starts the game by chasing and tagging other employees) and start the game. Make it clear that tag should not take place in the office during regular business hours. The chaser should pluck a flag off one of the other employees instead of touching her body. (Doing otherwise could lead to a tense confrontation if she considers the touch inappropriate). Alternatively, play the game outside the office or in a park. It doesn't matter if the game is outside an office setting; it just matters that your staffers get along with each other.


Tossing a disc around in a sunny location can be relaxing. Your employees can get some sunlight, fresh air and exercise while they discuss work. Since tossing the frisbee is a simple task that requires little focus, your employees are free to talk among themselves about many subjects. This builds a bond between employees and allows them to discuss ideas about work outside the stifling office environment. This can greatly improve an employee's outlook on work, their coworkers and their supervisor who allowed it all to happen.

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