Signs of emotional abuse from a spouse

Written by herkermer brisbane
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People most often think of battered women when they think of spousal abuse, but that is not always the case, reports Help Guide. Emotional abuse from a spouse is oftentimes overlooked or downplayed, sometimes even by the person being abused. Simply because you are not physically bruised and battered does not mean that you are not suffering from spousal abuse.

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Exhibiting Blame

One sign of emotional abuse from a spouse is if your spouse is constantly blaming you, according to "Psychology Today." A spouse who is a blamer suffers from something known as victim identity. A blamer's mentality is that he thinks he is justified in whatever kind of blame he dishes out to his spouse because he thinks of himself as a victim already. As a result, being in a relationship with a habitual blamer will cause you a lot of emotional pain.

Showing Entitlement

Another sign of emotional abuse from a spouse is a sense of entitlement, reports "Psychology Today." A person with a sense of entitlement believes that she deserves special treatment and consideration, which may manifest itself in behaviours such as cutting in line and smoking whenever she feels like it. A spouse like this sees her own wants and feelings as far more important than yours. As a result, you either will be forced to agree, which will leave you depressed, or you will disagree and receive emotional abuse. Help Guide says abusers desire control in the relationship.

Displaying Pettiness

You can tell if your spouse is emotionally abusive if he tends to make a big deal out of small things or only centres on a negative aspect of one issue. If this is your spouse, your relationship with him will be catastrophic, says "Psychology Today." This attitude can manifest in being overly specific in how you prepare his meal, for instance. This pettiness has the effect of reducing you to tiny mistakes that you commit, without regard for other achievements you have in your life.

Using Sarcasm

Being sarcastic qualifies as a sign of emotional abuse from a spouse, indicates "Psychology Today." Your spouse can use sarcasm in any number of ways. For example, it may just be ill-timed humour or it may also be with the intent to devalue and tear down a person. If your spouse uses sarcasm, it is likely that she is preoccupied with impression management. If this sarcasm turns against you in your relationship, it is a form of emotional abuse.

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