Homemade ways to dress up like old women

Written by barbie carpenter | 13/05/2017
Homemade ways to dress up like old women
Be an old lady for Halloween. (Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images)

Creating a costume with items you already have around the house leads to a more original and inspired costume than one purchased at a store. Dress up as an old lady, whether it is Halloween or just your average costume party. Raid your closet or stop by your local thrift store to find all of the items you need to turn yourself into an old lady.

Cranky Old Lady

Dress up like a cranky old lady who is busy trying to keep the neighbourhood kids off of her lawn. Find a knee-length floral dress and wear it with knee-high stockings and a pair of comfortable -- and unattractive -- loafers. Curl your hair and wear scant make-up. If you have access to one, walk around with a walker with your back hunched over to reflect the strain of time on your old lady's bones.

Red Hat Lady

The Red Hat Society is a women's social organisation known for its creative attire, which makes a Red Hat Lady an easy costume to put together. Find a flamboyant red hair to wear -- the more flowers, sequins or jewels on the hat, the better. Pair the red hat with a purple outfit -- a dress, blouse or skirt works well. Again, do not be afraid to think out of the box. Accent your look with a feather boa. Spray paint your hair grey to show that you are one of the Red Hat Society's older members.

Eccentric Socialite

Remember that not every old lady costume has to be dowdy and go as an eccentric, wealthy socialite. Raid your closet for an old blazer to wear. Adorn the blazer with sequins and jewels to jazz it up. Pair it with some black slacks and a solid-coloured, collared shirt and high heels. The key to this look is plenty of costume jewellery. Wear cocktail rings, gaudy necklaces and bracelets with your outfit. Pin your hair up in a bun and wear plenty of make-up for this old lady look.

Lazy Old Lady

Go as a housebound old lady with a few simple costume pieces. Wear a long nightgown you have around the house or buy an inexpensive nightgown at a big box store or thrift shop. Put your hair in curlers, then leave them in as part of your look. Throw on some comfortable house slippers and a robe, and your old lady costume is complete.

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