Christian Charities That Help Stop Poverty

Updated April 17, 2017

Christian charities are known for helping the poor. The aim of Christian charities is to help stop poverty by collecting donations for people in poor countries. The donations that Christian charities ask for vary in amount, and any size donation is usually accepted. Christian charities are also known to perform acts of charity for the poor by travelling to countries and building infrastructure.

Humanitarian Charities

One type of Christian charity is the humanitarian charity. Humanitarian charities work on a global level to help stop poverty. Christian Aid is a charity from the United Kingdom whose mission is to stop poverty. World Vision is another humanitarian charity. It works with communities, kids and families to help stop poverty. It is also a huge charity that reaches people in 100 countries. Mission of Mercy is a humanitarian charity that focuses on children.


Another type of Christian charity is the shelter. Shelters provide safe refuge for anyone who needs it. One example is Christian Shelter of Salisbury, Maryland. It is open to anyone who needs a temporary emergency shelter. It serves food and also provides spiritual instruction. Another kind of Christian shelter is one that provides housing to battered women and their children. Shepherd's Gate in California is such a Christian shelter, and it has been providing its Christian-based approach for more than 25 years.

Rehabilitation Centers

Some rehabilitation centres are run by Christians, and these are another example of Christian charities. Two known Christian rehabilitation centres are Penfield Recovery, with three locations in the Southern United States, and Balboa's Horizons, in California. The former is a recovery program that is geared toward men who have lost their lives to alcohol and drug addiction. It has been operating for 30 years. The latter is a rehabilitation centre that is geared toward women who are suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. It uses Christian principles in its approach to helping the women.

Christian Microfinance

Microfinance is the practice of giving loans to poor people in Third World countries, who then receive training in basic business education. These people start their own businesses, leading to better income and the ensuing means to dig themselves out of their own poverty. One charity doing this is Hope International. It tries to stop poverty through microfinance. Another Christian charity doing this is Five Talents. Five Talents provides financing and loans to poor people in the Third World who cannot afford regular bank loans. It works in countries like Peru, Kenya and Bolivia.

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