Tales of the abyss: side quest walkthrough

Written by k.j. holmes
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In the game "Tales of the Abyss" you play as Luke fon Fabre on a magical adventure to restore balance to the world. Besides mandatory quests that forward the game's plot, "Tales of the Abyss" has many side quests you can try. These side quests are not necessary to beat the game, but they allow you to explore every nook and cranny of the mystical world.

Mushroom Road

You must complete this quest before entering Eldrant and after Natalia rejoins your party in Baticul. You should be at least level 49 and the reward is the Greater Flightstone. In Luke's manor, talk to Susanne; she has fallen ill. A river slightly east of the Zao Desert leads to Mushroom Road. You can flame spores along the road. Some of them turn into valuable items while others turn into monsters. Head north long enough on the road to find the search point that contains the Greater Flightstone. At the end of the road (just south of the flight stone) you will find the Rugnican death cap and Chamomille. Use these to cure Susanne back at Luke's mansion.

Nam Cobanda

You can only attempt this quest after acquiring Mieu Fire 2 and Refined Flightstone and making your second trip to Mt. Roneal. This side quest unlocks the Dragon Buster mini game. To complete this quest you have to find 18 hidden search points. Search point one is on the giant eastern continent just south of the largest section in the north. Directly southeast of the Cheagle Woods you will find search point two. North of Shurrey Hill you will find search point three. Search point four is just below the top of Rugnica (near Fubras River). You will find search point five at the very bottom right corner of Aberria. To the east of the Zao Ruins is search point six. On Radessia locate the crab claw shape on the map; the seventh search point is there. You can find search point eight on the island above Padamiya. If you follow the Zao Desert westward you will discover search point nine. For search point 10 look just northeast of the Mushroom Road from the previous quest. In the forests at the centre of Ispania you will find search point 11. Shortly outside of Keterburg on Sylvana is search point 12. Locate Belkend on Aberria; search point 13 is just below it. For search point 14 look just northwest of the cavern of Ortion. On the island southwest of Sylvana is search point 15. Just south of search point six you can find search point 16. Just northwest of Qliphoth (north of Yulia City) is another island that holds search point 17. The final search point is on an island southwest of Grand Chokmah.

Ortion Cavern

To complete this quest you must have Mieu Fire 2 and should be at least level 57. You can find the entrance near the bottom of Radessia by charging the Albiore through the Ortion Cavern's east or west wall. Use Mieu Fire 2 on the yellow reflector on your left to activate the switch. The next room has the same reflector/switch puzzle. As you continue through the cavern, activate each switch and mirror to release the cheagle. In the fourth (and final) room you have to line up your Mieu Fire 2 to reflect off the mirror and into the torch; this will create a hole in the wall. After defeating the ogre replicas, return to the path and activate the last switch. Collect your reward, the Red Chamomile and the Cowboy Hat.

Abyss Replica Lab

To enter the Abyss Replica Lab you must be on your second playthrough, have rescued Shiba, completed the Ortion Cavern (east), obtained Mieu Fire 2 and have a powered up Albiore. Travel northwest of Sheridan until you find two old men pointing a machine at you. Talk to Shiba and you'll be taken to Ortion Cavern. There are 18 replica machines that must be destroyed; travel the cavern to destroy them. After you have destroyed all of them you will encounter Largo Arietta (the boss). Your reward is the Gald Detector.

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