What Is the Advantage of Liquid Detergent or Powder Detergent?

Updated March 23, 2017

When doing your laundry, you must examine a number of factors, including the brand and scent of detergent to use, what cycle to use on your washing machine and how much to use. Another common consideration is whether to use liquid or powdered washing powder. Many manufacturers offer both liquid and powdered options to cater to all customer types. Both liquid and powdered detergents have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Powder Longevity

Powdered detergent is more stable and lasts longer, allowing you to store it if necessary and purchase in bulk. Buying in bulk is almost always cheaper and saves you money over time. The additives, such as bleach, also last longer in powdered form.

Powder Caking

Powdered detergents have a tendency to cake up on your clothes if you use too much. If your detergent cakes on your clothes, you have to complete another rinse cycle and use more electricity and water. Some powders do not dissolve properly unless you use warm water, as opposed to cold, which costs more since you need to heat the water first.

Liquid Dissolving

Liquids dissolve better than powders, reducing your need to worry about the proper water temperature or ending up with bits of powder on your clothes after the cycle.

Overall Costs

The majority of a liquid detergent is water, which is unnecessary to purchase in the store when you can purchase powdered detergent and allow your washing machine to do the dissolving itself. Since it is predissolved, you may unintentionally use more detergent than necessary, which costs more money and may gunk up your machine over time.

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