Ideas for 12 year old birthday cakes

When deciding on what kind of birthday cake to make or buy for a 12-year-old, consider hobbies and interests. If he likes sailing, make a boat-shaped cake. If she's a ballerina, have a pair of pink pointe shoes made of fondant put on the cake. Using your child's activities to decide on a cake is a good way to make this a special birthday.

Flight of Fancy

Make an aeroplane cake. Is she considering being a pilot? Is he thinking about joining the air force? Then this cake is perfect. Use one large or several mini aeroplanes as decorative cake toppers. Look in hobby shops, toy stores or online for little plastic planes to use. Make edible cake toppers. Find instructions online for creating edible aeroplanes using fruit or candy. Or cut aeroplane shapes out of fondant with a cookie cutter and place them so they're flying through icing clouds across the birthday cake.

Creature Treat

Perhaps your 12-year-old likes to read werewolf books or comics or watch werewolf movies or write werewolf stories. Whatever the reason, a werewolf cake is frighteningly fun. Ask the bakery to put a werewolf-themed picture on the cake. While this option costs more than making a cake yourself, the end product is well worth it. Use a page from a werewolf comic, a photo of your son in his werewolf Halloween costume, your daughter's scary werewolf drawing or the poster from 1941's "The Wolfman" or 1978's "Teen Wolf."

Just Buggy

For a boy who collects butterflies or for a really pretty cake for a girl, try a butterfly-shaped birthday cake. With all the many different species of brilliantly coloured butterflies out there, you can make a butterfly cake in any combination of vivid, brilliant colours sure to wow guests. Bake cakes and then cut, shape and frost a butterfly cake.

With Writing

Perhaps the simplest way to make a hobby-inspired cake is to pipe words relating to the pastime onto it. If the cake is large, use words and definitions; if it's small, just the words. Take the aforementioned cakes, for example. On an aeroplane cake, use terms such as "contrail," "altitude" and "drag" or different kinds of planes: "jet," "cargo plane" and "skimmer." On a werewolf cake, use "rogues: werewolves that use their abilities to take advantage of humans" and "feral werewolf: one that has forgotten its human identity." On a butterfly cake, pipe "lepidoptera: scientific name for butterflies" and "proboscis: tubelike organ butterflies use to drink flower nectar."

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