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Updated May 30, 2018

Knot tying is one of the most basic tasks of sailing, and sailors traditionally practice tying knots whenever they are in port. Gifts that include sailors' knots instantly remind a sailor of his passion, hobby or career. Many shopping sources offer a wide variety of nautical gifts that showcase knots, whether it's one knot in a shadowbox or an intricate display of knots and other sailing memorabilia. All prices are as of May, 2011.

Framed Knot Boards

Knot boards display the various types of sailing knots and, when framed, make a distinguished presentation in any room. The Treasure Quest Shoppe has a variety of knot boards with knots artistically displayed around pictures, signal codes, anchors and other memorabilia, or simply on their own. The knot boards are then framed in mahogany shadowboxes with brass cornices at the corners, evoking the interior wood and brass of a fine ship.

Wall Hangings

For an unusual and more casual look, Nautical Tropical has knots affixed to white or navy canvas wall hangings or scrolls, with a dowel and rope for hanging. They also offer a shadow box mirror decorated with knots, and affordable framed knot boards as well.

Gift Packages

Ess-Kay Yards, Inc. offers novel gift packages categorised as "under £19," "under £32" and "under £65." For £18.10 there's the "Learn the Ropes, Tie the Knot" kit which includes a wood board with whimsical sailor pegs to use while practicing knot tying, a 32-page instruction book and lots of rope, all in a wooden box. For £32.40 there's a Captain's Desk Set including a shadow box of knots attached to a letter holder/organiser, a 12-inch knots clock and a brass letter opener. And for £64.90 they offer a curio cabinet and mirror package, both with knots and nautical touches.

Unusual Gifts

For an unusual take on knot board gifts, check out Ship's Locker. You'll find a Knot Board Wine Box for £11, a set of two Hexagon Boxes with knots displayed in the glass-covered lid for £22 and framed knot boards that, in addition to an array of knots, also include thermometers, barometers, hygrometers and/or clocks priced from £27 to £48.

Smaller Gifts

Smaller, less expensive gifts are available at stores such as The Sunken Ship, which sells knotted bracelets handmade by Nantucket Knotworks for £4 to £13, in colours from all natural to solid colours to a red-white-blue combo. They also have key chains, necklaces, belts and tie-it-yourself kits. A set of four handmade coasters in natural is £19.

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