Scottish Gifts to Make

Updated July 20, 2017

Make yourself a Celtic gift hero by presenting your loved one with a present that has a Scottish twist. Homemade gifts are a pleasing way to show off your artsy side, while giving someone a gift from the heart. With a little creativity, and some inspiration from the Scots, you can craft some fascinating traditional, or modern, gifts from Scotland.


Research the family history of the person you will be sewing a tartan for. A tartan, unlike a kilt, can only come in patterned cloth, and can be worn in different ways than a kilt. Many Scottish families, or clans, would have plaid patterned wool tartans specifically for that clan's use. Home-sewn tartans can be made from any kind of plaid coloured material, not just the traditional wool. Cotton, broadcloth and twill all make a cooler alternative to the heavy wool, and will help keep the Scottish lover breezy during warmer months, especially at Scottish festivals and Highland games.

Scottish Family Crest

Many Scottish families already know the family crest, but if the Scottish lover you are giving to does not, a homemade crest can be a welcoming and delightful surprise. With a bit of research, you can find a plethora of family-crest resources online, and in books at the local library. Family crests can be worked into a variety of gifts. Skilled painters could take a brush to canvas, mug, T-shirt or wooden jewellery box to paint a rendition of the receiver's crest.

Flag of Scotland

Like every other nation, Scotland has a flag to wave proudly on the breeze. The flag of Scotland has a blue background with a white "X", or cross, stretching from corner to corner. This flag, also known as the Saltire, can be used in many different types of gifts. Making a flag can be as simple as painting white fabric paint onto blue silk, or sewing pieces of white and blue silk together. If you aren't a skilled sewer, you could paint a Saltire onto a mug. Alternatively, you could print out an iron-on graphic of the Scottish flag and iron the photo onto a T-shirt or other garment.

Tartan Sash Rosette

In traditional Scottish attire, a tartan sash was typically worn over one shoulder, and across the chest and back. However, another sash fashion has emerged over the years, where the sash wearer would tie the end of the sash into a rosette, and pin the rosette one shoulder, with the rest of the sash hanging across the back and pinned at the hip. By folding a tartan sash in half, you can then take the top of the fold and double fold it six inches. Fasten the middle of this fold with a rubber band, making the sash resemble a bow with long tails. Next, fluff out the bow so the two half circle folds meet at the sides, and fasten with safety pins or stitch together permanently. Add a Scottish-inspired brooch in the centre of the rosette to hide the rubber band if desired.

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