Glitter Craft Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Create sparkly, decorative craft items for your home or for gifts by using glitter to dress up your projects. Glitter is available in a variety of colours, sizes and forms from craft stores; you can buy loose glitter, glitter glue or even glitter pens to make your glitter craft project. Get creative with your glitter projects by mixing the colours of glitter to suit your own personal style.


Personalise holiday ornaments with glitter for an easy way to perk up plain Christmas tree decorations. Start with plain glass ornaments; use a glue pen to add designs, words, stripes or dots to the ornament. Hold the ornament over a paper plate or newspaper, and shake glitter over the ornament, making sure it sticks to all of the glue. To use more than one colour of glitter, work in stages. Put glue only where you want the first colour, shake the first colour on and then repeat for each additional colour of glitter.

Candle Holders

Add a glittery accent to a plain glass votive holder to customise it for a holiday, special occasion or gift. Use clear coin fasteners, which are circle-shaped adhesive discs that are sticky on both sides, to create a design on the votive holder. Plan out your design, such as a heart, polka dot pattern or a Christmas tree, and choose glitter in colours that fit your design. Dip one side of the adhesive disc into the glitter, and use the other to adhere the disc to the votive holder. Continue until you complete your desired pattern.


Make homemade cards with glitter for any occasion. Glitter greeting cards are suitable for children to make (with the supervision of an adult), but they can also be elegant projects for adult crafters. For a basic glitter card, use a fine-tipped glue pen to write out a message on the card's cover in cursive writing, such as "Congrats" or "Happy Birthday." Sprinkle glitter over the glue, shake off the excess and let it dry. For a child's version, have the child draw on the card with the glue pen. Then cover the drawing with glitter.


Create your own glitter T-shirt for a custom glitter craft item you can wear. Wash and dry the T-shirt before applying the glitter. Use glitter bond, which is available at craft stores, to cover the area in which you want to apply the glitter. Use a paintbrush for the best results. Pour glitter over the glitter bond, and shake off excess. To make sure that glitter sticks, press down lightly on top of the glitter with your finger; let the project dry fully before wearing.

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