The Difference Between a Dyson DC14 & DC24

Updated November 21, 2016

Dyson manufactures several products, but it is best known for its vacuum cleaners, including the DC14 and the DC24 upright vacuums. Significant differences exist between the two, some of them relating directly to performance. Pricing differences prove difficult to accurately measure, though, because the DC14 is, as of spring 2011, is offered only in remanufactured models, while new DC24 vacuums still grace the current product line.


The Dyson DC14 upright vacuum offered more style choices and packages than provided with the DC24 model. In fact, Dyson manufactured 10 different varieties of DC14s: Telescope Reach All Floors, Telescope Reach Animal, Drive, Low Reach, Total Clean, Full Kit, Full Gear, Full Access, Complete and a Mail Order Exclusive version. In comparison, Dyson offered only three versions of the DC24 model upright: Blueprint Limited Edition, Animal and All Floors.

Movement Type

While both are upright vacuums, the DC14 uses the traditional wheeled approach for movement. As the Dyson commercials say, "four wheels moving in a straight line." The Dyson DC24 uses the newer ball system for movement. Dyson claims that the ball configuration allows for more flexibility of movement.

Suction Power and Capacity

Both the Dyson DC14 and the DC24 upright vacuum cleaners derive suction power from Dyson's Root Cyclone technology. The DC14, though, provides more suction power. The DC14 earned a rating of 250 Air Watts (constant), dwarfing the 155 AW generated by the DC24. Both vacuum models come with a clear bin for waste. In terms of size, though, the DC14 again bests the DC24. The bin capacity on the DC14 is .71 gallon, with a .19 bin on the DC24.

Weight and Range

The Dyson DC24 upright vacuum provides an easier vacuuming experience because it weighs quite a bit less than the DC14. The DC14 tops the scales at 8.42 Kilogram compared to 528 Kilogram for the DC24. However, the DC14 wins in terms of cord length and maximum reach. The DC14 packs a 35.4-foot cord with a maximum reach of 52.4 feet. The DC24 cord measures only 20 feet in length, and the maximum reach earns a rating of 28.72 feet.

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