Clay Projects With Air-Dried Clay

Updated April 17, 2017

Kids and adults alike enjoy creating projects with clay. Air-dry clay requires no kiln or oven, needing only a short time to dry. It is simple to mould, shape and decorate to make a variety of craft projects that feature texture and colour. Kids will enjoy making creatures from their imaginations, and adults will enjoy creating home decor items.


Create holiday figures to add to your festive decorating. Make a group of snowmen or ghosts with foam balls or cones as the base for the clay. Add features made from small pieces of foam and decorate with acrylic paints. Explore your creativity by creating clay figurines that resemble real or storybook characters. Use clay moulds to make faces and form bodies over a simple stick or wire frame. Let kids create a menagerie of animals depicting farms, jungles and pets to use in dioramas and play scenes.


Make one-of-a-kind jewellery designs using air-dry clay with rubber stamps and embellishments. Stamp clay with texture sheets and cut into ovals, rectangles, circles or tear into free-form shapes. Stamp with phrases from rubber stamps or use individual letter stamps to create a phrase or name. Create dimensional flowers by layering clay leaves to the desired size for pins or pendants. Have kids make nature impressions on pendants by pressing clay into tree bark, shells and leaves. Paint the finished pieces with watercolour or acrylic paints and hang from a ribbon or cord.


Prepare dollhouse and shadowbox accessories with air-dry clay projects. Make food, tea sets, vases, dishes and even furniture to add to your miniature displays. Display assorted plants and flowers made from air-dry clay. Create people and pets for the dollhouse as well. Make scrapbook embellishments to add to your favourite pages. Charms, tags and buttons are all possible with air-dry clay. Use stamps and paints to create distinctive additions to your scrapbook. Add texture with stamps and texture sheets and paint to coordinate with your page design.


Make ornaments for holidays or year-round to add to gifts and hang throughout the house. Use cookie cutters to create simple shapes and decorate with beads, jewels and ribbon. Add texture with clay texture sheets and rubber stamps and paint with acrylic paints. Make dimensional ornaments by rolling balls of clay and shaping into animals, birds, angels or faces. Layer clay over foam shapes for larger sizes. Hang the ornaments from trees, dangle from mobiles and add to holiday wreaths and garlands.

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