Online WW2 Games

Written by cathel hutchison
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Online WW2 Games
The Nazis are one of videogame's most common antagonists. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

The Second World War is an enduring popular backdrop for video games. While there have been many excellent single player games developed around the theme, online WW2 games are especially popular. There are many genres to choose from, including WW2-themed first person shooter (FPS) games, strategy games, games with alternative history plots, and even free shareware games which take inspiration from the era.

Online WW2 FPS Games

Many excellent WW2-themed online FPS games have been produced through the years and are still played today. "Medal of Honor: Allied Assault," released in 2002 for PC, is a highly claimed online shooter based around the Second World War, in which players can participate in team matches with up to 64 players online. In addition, the game offers a "Free For All" mode, in which the player with the most kills comes out on top, objective based modes and round-based matches. Other excellent WW2-themed FPS games which include online modes include "Call of Duty," "Brother in Arms: Road to 40," "Battle Field 1942," and "Red Orchestra."

Online Strategy WW2 Games

One of best WW2-themed online strategy games is "Company of Heroes," released in 2006 for the PC. Set against the backdrop of the invasion of Normandy and the subsequent conquest of Germany, the single player campaign allows players to control squads of Allied troops in their fight against the Nazis. The game's excellent online multiplayer mode allows players to select from either American or German forces in strategic battles to eliminate their foes or complete an objective, such as destroying the enemy's base. Other online WW2 strategy games include "Codename Panzers: Phase 2," "Combat Mission Anthology," "Hearts of Iron 3," and "Order of War."

Online Alternative WW2 Games

While there are many online games which attempt to stay as close as possible to the popular perception of events during WW2, some developers have made online WW2 games which portray and alternative scenario. One such game is the legendary real time strategy (RTS) game, "Command and Conquer: Red Alert." Players assume the role of either the Allied forces or Soviets in an alternative universe in which Albert Einstein created a time-distorting device which prevented the rise to power of Hitler and the Nazis. However, this enabled Stalin and his Soviets to bide their time before seeking world domination in the 1950s. The Allied Forces attempt halt and turn the "Red Tide." Gameplay involves building up your base and constructing units with which to launch strategic assaults on your foe. In the multiplayer mode, players can go head to head online or participate in an eight-player mode. Other alternative universe online WW2 games include: "Return to Castle Wolfenstein," "Wolfenstein," "Resistance: Fall of Man," and "End of Empires."

Free Online WW2 Games

There are many free online WW2 games available. In "WW2 Commander" you assume the role of an officer in command of a small squad of soldiers during World War II. Your mission is to guide your troops to safety. In certain scenarios you will be given two or more choices, and it is your job to decide the best course of action. The game uses mouse controls and is single player. Other free online WW2 games include "Mud and Blood World War 2," "WW2 Tactics," "Sniper WW2," and "Warfare 1944."

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