The Different Breeds of Rabbits

Written by jennifer denese
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The Different Breeds of Rabbits
Size, fur type, and personality are key factors in choosing a breed of rabbit. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

There are a number of factors consider when choosing a pet rabbit. Size, demeanour, and fur type are several things to think about when selecting a breed that would fit in best with your family's lifestyle. Here are some popular rabbit breeds, broken down by size.

Tiny or Dwarf Rabbits

This category of rabbit generally weighs between 0.907 and 1.81 Kilogram. Jersey Wooly, Netherland Dwarf, and Polish are breeds in this group. The Jersey Wooly has a thick, long coat and a relaxed personality. Netherland Dwarf rabbits have a normal coat of rollback fur, which slowly falls into place when rubbed over, that is short. Netherland Dwarf rabbits are considered an excitable or high-strung breed. Polish rabbits have a curious personality and short flyback fur, which is the shortest type of fur. When flyback fur is rubbed over, it immediately goes back into place. A "curious" demeanour is between calm and excitable, a mixture of both types.

Small Breeds

Rabbits in this group weigh between 3 and 5 pounds, and they include the Holland Lop, Himalayan, Dutch, and American Fuzzy Lop. Holland Lop rabbits have long ears, short rollback coats, and curious personalities. The Himalayan and Dutch breeds both have relaxed personalities and flyback coats. The American Fuzzy Lop breed has a long, wool coat and curious personality.

Medium Breeds

Medium rabbits are generally 4 to 7 pounds. Florida White, English Angora, Mini Lop, Silver, and Tan breeds are some of the medium rabbit types. Florida Whites have curious personalities and flyback fur. English Angora rabbits have wool coats and relaxed personalities. Mini Lops have a relaxed personality overall, but also a reputation for biting. They have short, rollback fur. The Silver breed has an excitable personality and flyback fur. The Tan breed has a curious personality and flyback fur.

Large Breeds

Weighing between 6 and 10 pounds, this breed includes the Cinnamon, French Angora, Lilac, and Belgian Hare types. Cinnamon rabbits have relaxed personalities and flyback coats. French Angora rabbits are also relaxed but have long, wool coats. Lilacs are relaxed with rollback hair, and Belgian Hares are curious with flyback fur.

Giant Breeds

"Giant" rabbits include breeds of more than 4.54 Kilogram. American Chinchillas, Flemish Giants, French Lops, Satins, and Checkered Giants fall into this category. American Chinchillas and Flemish Giants are relaxed with rollback fur. French Lops are curious with flyback coats. Satin rabbits have fine, dense rollback fur and relaxed personalities. Checkered Giants have a reputation for biting; they have excitable personalities and flyback coats.

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