Camping Sleepover Ideas for Teens

Updated April 17, 2017

Teens love to have a good time, but do not like to be treated like toddlers while doing so. If you are planning a camping sleepover for your teen and his friends, definitely skip the cartoon aisle at the party planning store and opt to keep it simple. Decorate your back yard with oil burning torches, and let your teen help in the sleepover planning process.


Send out the invitations at least a month ahead of time. Let teens and their parents know what items they will need to bring and what you will be providing, such as sleeping bags, tents and pillows. In case of bad weather on the day of the party, have a backup space ready in your home where you would be able to house the teens.


Take inspiration from current pop culture and movies if you opt for a themed camping sleepover. You can have your teens come dressed up as pop stars or characters from popular movies. Have the teens vote for best dressed or funniest costume. You could also make a glow in the dark camp by having kids draw designs on tents, sleeping bags and pyjamas using glow in the dark paint.

Sleepover Day

Have everyone set up their tents before it gets dark. Since the sleepover will take place outside, prepare easily portable foods like hot dogs, burgers and, of course, s'mores. Give all of your teens flashlights so they can see their way around at night. Tell ghost stories under the moonlight and play games like charades to keep everyone interested. Offer a free gift card for downloading music to game winners.

Bed Time

Set a time for lights out. If you want to chaperon your teens through the night, you can set up a tent for yourself outside as well. Keep the back door open so that everyone can have access to the bathroom inside should they need it.

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