List of Deep Yellow Vegetables

Updated February 21, 2017

Deep yellow vegetables acquire their colour from carotenoids. Carotenoids are a type of pigment, in this case yellow, that gives vegetables their colour. Yellow vegetables full of carotenoids protect cells from free radicals, are full of vitamin A, provide a boost to your immune system and ensure a healthy reproductive system. People should eat yellow vegetables at least two or three times a week.


Corn is a starchy yellow vegetable that originated in Mexico. In the United States, corn is eaten frozen, fresh or canned, on the ear or cut away from the ear. Corn is also made into cornmeal to make dishes like cornbread, or is dried to make popcorn. Corn is easy to prepare for eating in its purest form, either on or off the cob. If you like to eat corn on the cob, simply boil the ears of corn in boiling water for a few minutes or grill over a hot grill. If you like to eat corn off the cob, you can cook it over a stove or in a microwave. Corn that has been frozen and canned has been previously cooked and requires less cooking time than fresh corn.

Yellow Tomatoes

When we think about tomatoes we usually think of them being red, but tomatoes come in a variety of colours, including deep yellow. Deep yellow tomatoes are best served in a crunchy salad with other vegetables, or sliced on their own or with other colours of tomato. They are easily found during the summer.

Yellow Peppers

Yellow peppers, also known as bell peppers, are a crisp, sweet pepper. They are delicious raw, sliced and served on their own, in a salad or with other sliced vegetables and a dip. They are also a colourful and healthy addition to stir fries and Mexican dishes like fajitas.

Summer Squash

Yellow crookneck squash is the most common variety of summer squash in the United States. Patty pan squash is also a common variety. Though yellow squash can be purchased from a grocery store in most parts of the United States throughout the year, summer squashes are best during the summer, as their name indicates. Summer squashes can be cut into small pieces and tossed into a salad, or fried, steamed, grilled or baked.

Orange Vegetables

Dietitians frequently do not differentiate between deep yellow and orange vegetables, categorising them as one type of coloured vegetable. Orange vegetables are perhaps even more nutritious than many of their deep yellow counterparts. Orange vegetables include carrots, winter squash, sweet potatoes and pumpkins. Carrots are delicious steamed, roasted or raw. Winter squashes and pumpkins are best baked or roasted in the oven. Sweet potatoes are also wonderful baked or steamed. All of these vegetables make particularly delicious creamy soups.

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