Ideas for a Baby's Headstone Inscription

The headstone over an infant grave is part of the memorial dedicated to the life of the child. Grieving parents need to choose an inscription for the headstone, but are also dealing with the loss of the child, making choices difficult. Inscriptions relating to the child's passage to heaven may help ease their grief.

Angel Sayings

Angels and cherubs are significant over the grave of an infant, as they symbolise the innocence of childhood. Include an epitaph on the gravestone including angels. Angels can be depicted carrying a child to heaven in a poem or the "angel" can be the child, such as in the saying, "Sleep, little angel, sleep."


Include the personal information for the infant, even if the infant lived only a day. Inscribe the first name or the family name, the date of birth and the date of death. Other information can be included at the family's discretion, such as the exact age in days.


Inscriptions related to flowers symbolise the short life of the infant or the untimely death of a person. Quotations such as, "God's garden needs flowers" or "Budded on Earth to bloom in Heaven" are commentaries on the shortness of the infant's life. Certain flowers such as crocuses, daisies or lilies symbolise innocence and are often used in addition to an inscription on a child's gravestone.


The lamb is the symbol of purity and innocence, not only in Christian practices, but ancient Egyptian religion. Creating an inscription about the lamb of God or referring to the infant as a lamb reflects on the purity of the child who never had a chance to lose his innocence. Infant and child graves are often found with pictures of lambs. Create a saying, poem or epitaph including a lamb and portray the purity of an infant who has succumbed to an untimely death.

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