Monopoly Games to Play Online

Written by jim radenhausen
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Monopoly Games to Play Online
Online Monopoly games offer an alternative to board games. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

Monopoly board games give players a hands-on outlet to buy, sell, trade and develop properties. While Parker Brothers/Hasbro has released numerous editions of the classic board game, fans also may play Monopoly on the Internet. Online Monopoly games challenge players with classic board-game-style competition, as well as mini-games and variations of traditional Monopoly.

Arcade-Style Games

Players test their timing and luck against the computer in "Monopoly Here & Now: Arcade Challenge," accessible at Hasbro's Monopoly site. Watching the yellow highlighter as it travels around the board, players click the "Stop" button to land on a space. If landing on a property space, players decide whether to buy the property or pass on it. Players win a Monopoly money bonus if they buy all properties of the same colour. Landing on spaces such as cell phone service, Internet service or jail results in players paying penalties. When one players goes bankrupt, the opposing player wins.

Board-Game-Style Games

Pogo hosts several Monopoly games, some requiring users to register with the site or join the Pogo club. "Monopoly: The World Edition," however, is free for online visitors. In this game, players compete against three computer opponents and take a world tour as they buy and sell properties worth millions of dollars. Game rules follow traditional Monopoly play, with players following the directions on the spaces where they land during their turn. Players collect money each time they pass or land on "Go," and decide whether to buy available property when landing on such spaces during their turn. If players land on owned property, they must pay rent to the owners. Other spaces require players to pay luxury or property taxes, or draw "Community Chest" and "Chance" cards. Rolling three doubles in a row during a turn results in jail time.

Money-Vault Games

Players try to land coloured bags of money in vaults in "Monopoly Wii Mini-Game: Bank Pays You Dividends," accessible at Hasbro's Monopoly site. Using the mouse, players grab money bags and drag arrows out to set their throwing power. Once all bags of the same colour land in the matching vault, the vault closes. If a bag bounces off into unseen territory on either the left or right side of the screen, players must start a new game. After landing all bags in the appropriate vaults, players take note of the time it took and try to beat their fastest time.

Quick-Play Games

Rather than roll dice to determine movement on a game board, players roll property dice with monetary value and place them strategically on the board in "Monopoly Express," located at Hasbro's Monopoly site. Rolling the dice as many times as they like during a turn, players try to fill all squares in a colour group to complete a property. After completing a property, players may try to build houses or hotels. Rolling three "Police" dice in a turn results in players losing all of the money they earned during that turn. The first player to collect £9,750 wins the game.

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