Homemade Ladybug Habitat

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Homemade Ladybug Habitat
Ladybirds don't always have dots; they can have stripes, too. (Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images)

Ladybirds are a type of beetle that is also called the Ladybird beetle. Traditionally, ladybirds are thought to be red with black spots, but they can be red, orange, yellow, brown, tan or grey. They can also be striped rather than spotted. Ladybirds are also versatile eaters, as they eat bugs, plants and even each other when hungry enough. You can observe all these variations and behaviours by making your own ladybug habitat.

Making the House

To make the home for your ladybirds, you will need a round cardboard container with a lid like the kind used for oats. Cut windows and doors in the container. Roll fine mesh screen around the inside of the container to ensure the ladybirds do not escape your habitat. Overlap the ends of the screen and secure it with glue all the way down the seam.

Ladybug Home Furnishings

To make your ladybirds comfortable in your habitat, you will need to get some natural furnishings from outside. Put a layer of fresh grass on the bottom of the container. Find some small sticks and bark for your ladybirds to climb on. Hay can also be used to cover the bottom of your habitat. Additionally, place a damp paper towel in your habitat for moisture. Clean your habitat and replace old furnishings with new fresh furnishings weekly.

Ladybug Food

You will need to supply your ladybirds with food sources; otherwise, they may turn on each other in desperation. If you can find them, live bugs, such as aphids, leafhoppers and mites can be fed to your ladybirds. You can also give them sweet alyssums or other plants that are sweet. As a last resort, you can feed the ladybirds in your habitat raisins soaked in water. You should also mist your habitat and paper towel with water every two to three days to ensure they have an adequate water supply.

Habitat Residents

When you have built and furnished your ladybug habitat, you can find some ladybirds to move in. You can usually find ladybirds in your yard. Look for ladybirds around flowers, grapes, apples, potatoes and corn. If you cannot find ladybirds, you can try and attract them to your yard by putting out white or yellow flowers, such as marigold or angelica. You can also have live ladybirds shipped to you from a variety of different companies.

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