Hands-Free Communications for Bicyclists

Updated February 21, 2017

Whether you are an occasional bike rider or a marathon bicyclist, choosing to communicate while riding a bike can be a challenging endeavour. The use of handheld communication devices and cell phones is not advisable while riding a bicycle. Many experts compare the use of cell phones while bicycling to distracted driving in a car. States like Oregon have banned the use of handheld cell phones for bicyclists. Fortunately, there are hands-free options for bicyclists who desire to communicate with other bicyclists. Radios and intercoms allow you to talk to a group of bicyclists at one time.

Chatterbox 50 Standard Tandem Pro Kit

Chatterbox is a well-known brand of bicycling intercoms. One of the best sellers within the Chatterbox brand is the 50 Standard Tandem Pro Kit. This kit allows for mobile phone input, audio input and stereo sound. The kit includes a rechargeable battery and a headset extension cord. Bicyclists simply attach the headset to their head and secure the radio to their person. This allows for hands-free bike riding.

IntaRide Comfort-Ultima

The IntaRide Comfort-Ultima is a bicycle radio that can be adjusted to fit a child from 6 years old up to an adult. The comfort system includes a throat microphone and a soft silicone ear tip to make communicating while riding even more comfortable. This device comes with a "Press to Transmit" button that can be attached to your bicycle's handlebars. By pressing the button, you can communicate with other riders.

Digicom STX-3000 Full Duplex Digital Wireless 3-Person Intercom System

Digicom digital wireless is a more expensive, hands-free communications option. As of April 2011, the retail cost for this item is approximately £1,105. The benefit to this device, however, is that it can be used with up to four people. Three of the riders only need headsets, while the fourth rider has the digicom radio attached to his body. The bicyclists are able to communicate with each other wirelessly. There are no buttons to push, and no extra fees to pay.

Eartec Slimline Single Ear Headset with Gentex Mic

This Eartec model is streamlined to allow for durability and comfort. This lightweight headset can be used with any wireless bike radio like Digicom or the Eartec TD 902 VS full duplex wireless system. Extra-soft headband pads as well as an internal spring steel headband allow for extra comfort on the rider's ears, as well as a lower and adjustable tension setting to allow for less pressure on the ears.

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