Easy Maze Games for Kids

Written by eric benac
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Easy Maze Games for Kids
Maze games often place kids directly in the maze. (Stephen Schauer/Photodisc/Getty Images)

Mazes are simple puzzles that many kids of all ages can enjoy. There are multiple online maze games that can test a child's puzzle-solving abilities. Most of the games are easy enough for a young kid to understand, control and solve, but engaging enough for older children to enjoy as well. Many of these games also double as adventure or exploration games.

"Maze Crazy"

Kids can control a duck explorer in "Maze Crazy" a game available at the Just Kids website. The objective is to explore the maze looking for treasure to take home. You can move through the maze using the arrow keys on the keyboard. Each key moves in its corresponding direction. Opening treasure chests requires answering a simple question, such as "What is a herbivore?" There are no enemies to fight, but you must balance your food, air and water levels. If these drop to "low," the game is over. Players collect water jugs and carrots to maintain their water and food levels; the air level only drops in certain sections and is replenished by moving back. You must find all the treasure chests to post your score online.

"The Maze Game"

"The Maze Game," available at the Maniac World website, is a simple mouse-based maze game that requires a steady hand. It is a nonviolent game that is appropriate for all ages Control of the game is very simple -- moving your mouse steers a small red mouse through the maze halls. Touching the wall ends the game immediately, but you can restart the level right away, giving you only a small disadvantage. The mazes start out very simple, but gradually increase in difficulty. Later levels may challenge their reflexes and mouse control skills; however, none of the levels get too difficult for kids.

"Random Maze"

Found on the Bulls Eyes Games website, "Random Maze" is a puzzle game that generates a completely new puzzle each time you play. This helps to enhance the game's replay value, as it is different each time. Each maze starts with an animation of the maze being created. This animation may be fun for many kids to watch, as they will see their puzzle being made in real time. You can click the "generate new maze" button to generate a new puzzle if you do not like the one with which you started. You must control a small blue dot through the maze using the arrow keys on the board. The arrows move in the direction they represent. You are not timed during this game, so you can explore the level at your leisure, checking out the twists and turns as they move.


In "Maze," the player controls a large block man as he explores a large maze. You use the arrow keys to move through the puzzle under the posted time limit. You can grab several different power-ups to help you finish as quickly as possible; you can also grab keys to open doors in certain sections of the maze. Hammers let you break through any wall in the maze. You must press "Enter" after gathering a hammer to use it. Clocks give you more time to finish the puzzle, and small parchments show you a small section of the puzzle layout. "Maze" is available at the Game Solo website.

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