The best colours for soft summer complexions

Updated July 20, 2017

People with soft summer complexions often have grey-blue or hazel eyes. The hair colour of a person with a soft summer complexion is usually a light to medium ash brown that can also have streaks of blonde. Skin tones are usually light to medium beige, but some can also include a dark but ashy skin tone. There are certain colours that look best on someone with a soft summer complexion. These colours make their eyes, hair and skin really stand out and look luminous.


Blue looks good on people with soft summer complexions. Types of blue that look best include navy, periwinkle, blue-green and blue teal. These colours bring out eye colour, hair colour and complexion. Blue-green is considered the best shade of blue for soft summer complexions.


Green is an appropriate colour choice for people with soft summer complexions. The shades of green that look best range from light green, jade, emerald green and spruce. These greens are considered jewel tones and highlight the eye, hair and skin colour of a person.


Neutral colours are a strong choice for people with soft summer complexions. Neutral colours of light grey, taupe, off-white and soft white bring out your colouring. Consider pairing one of the blue or greens for soft summer complexions with one of these neutral colours as it brings out your colouring.

Other colors

There are other colours that work well for someone with a soft summer complexion. These colours can include grey, slate grey, light desert sand and taupe. Pink colours for a soft summer complexion range from mauve, deep mauve, deep rose, red-violet, raspberry, burgundy and baby pink. A light lemon yellow is also a colour those with soft summer complexions can consider.

Celebrities with soft summer complexions

If you are still unsure of what having a soft summer complexion looks like or what colours work best, then take a look at pictures of certain celebrities that have a soft summer complexion. Celebrities with a soft summer complexion include Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Jessica Parker and Rihanna. Look at pictures of them or colours they wear for an idea of how best to highlight your eyes, hair and skin.

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