Outer Space Cake Designs for Kids

Updated April 17, 2017

If your child enjoys outer space, make him a cake that is out of this world. Shaping cakes is a relatively simple process that can be achieved by first baking the cake, assembling the multiple layers, and then trimming it with a knife. Use different colours and frosting techniques to create a uniquely alien finished product. Bake a cake that's astronomically unusual using these cake ideas.

Planetary Cake

Bake a cake in the shape of your child's favourite planet. Use two round cake pans to create a disk shape for your cake. This is the simplest cake idea, because it requires relatively little cake carving. Use a reference picture of the chosen planet to select frosting colours that will accurately represent the hues of the planet. You can create a marbled texture for the planetary cake by speckling the cake with two colours of frosting and using a frosting spatula to blend the colours together.

Alien Cake

Make your child a cake masterpiece by creating an extraterrestrial cake. Simply bake the cake in one or two rectangular cake pans. Assemble the cake and slip it into the refrigerator for half of an hour. Trim the cooled cake into the shape of an alien's body, using a carving knife. You can customise the shape, colours, and features of your alien to make it a fun an entertaining centrepiece at your child's party.

Spaceship Cake

Create a cake sculpture that will spark your child's imagination. Bake, assemble and refrigerate a cake, then carve it into the shape of a spaceship. Use your own imagination when creating the spaceship: You can choose to portray an accurate NASA spaceship or create a cartoon rendering of the ship. Decorate the ship with the colours of your choosing, and add details such as a spaceship name, astronauts and flames.

Solar System Cake

If you would like to bake a more conventional cake that's still out of this world, evoke the mystery of outer space by artistically decorating the cake to render the night sky or the solar system. For this cake you will need a large spectrum of colours and icing tools that will allow you to create a detailed image of stars and planets. Begin by covering the cake with a dark blue, purple or black layer of icing. Add details such as the sun, planets, stars,or aliens using a small icing tool.

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