Median salary for a radiologist

Written by jonra springs | 13/05/2017
Median salary for a radiologist
Radiologists confer with other doctors on radiological diagnostic information. (Comstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images)

A diagnostic radiologist is a doctor who reads X-rays, MRIs and other radiological examination data. The interventional radiologist is also involved in the treatment of patients, using radiological elements. Radiologist positions are highly specialised, accounting for the fact that both interventional and non-interventional radiologist salaries are among the top five for physicians and surgeons.

Interventional Radiologists

Interventional radiologist earnings are second only to cardiac surgeons, according to a 2009 American Medical Group Association physician survey. These specialists treat intravascular conditions by dispensing medications, showing images and eliminating blockages inside blood vessels. They treat tumours and insert feeding tubes. These treatments often save patients from surgeries and hospital stays. The Radiological Society of North America published the results of the AMGA survey showing median interventional radiologist salaries at £310,700 annually in 2008.

Non-Interventional Radiologists

Non-interventional radiologist salaries are among the top five median annual pay rates in the health-care industry. A non-interventional radiologist reads radiological diagnostic data and reports the findings to surgeons and attending physicians. These doctors are familiar with conditions found in multiple organ systems. The radiological Society of North America shows the American Medical Group Association survey results placing the median salary for all non-interventional radiologists at £284,774 per year.

Salary Factors

Medicare and Medicaid payments decreased in 2008, and yet both subspecialties of diagnostic radiologists showed moderate salary increases for the year, according to Brad Vaudry of the RSM McGladrey's Health Care Consulting Group. Radiologist positions had seen sharp salary increases in recent years, but Vaudry says that market conditions are beginning to affect radiology.

Regional Pay Scales

The reported median annual salary of £310,700 for interventional diagnostic radiologists considers all such specialists from across the country. Radiologists in the southern United States showed the highest median salaries with interventional radiologist earnings at £373,750 per year and non-interventional radiologist salaries at £295,100 annually. Physician survey data shows slightly lower median salaries for diagnostic radiologist positions in the northern United States, with the lowest pay for both types of radiologists in the eastern states.

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