Mediterranean-Style Decorating Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

Opulent beaches and vineyard-covered towns on Europe's southern coast influence Mediterranean-decorating style with warm colours, mosaic floor designs and rustic home decor These Mediterranean-style decorating ideas will help you bring a relaxing, old world flair to your home or Mediterranean-themed room.


Mediterranean wall colours represent the landscape of the region. Shades of red, green, brown, blue and yellow can be used inside your Mediterranean-style home. The paint colours do not need to match, but should complement each other; such as terracotta and a shade of green or a rich brown with a metallic shade of gold or copper.


Mediterranean-style floors feature terra cotta tiles and natural or whitewashed pine. Floors are often embellished with intricate mosaics, which are popularly used in foyers, master bedrooms, entrances and courtyards. Wall-to-wall carpet is rarely used in Mediterranean-style homes. Rich-coloured area rugs are used in sitting areas and bedrooms.


Mediterranean-style furniture is low and heavy. Choose iron, rustic woods or fine hardwood furniture with accented copper, marble, glass, iron or tile. The furniture should have a rustic look, and can be elegant or simple depending on your taste.


Decorate your dining, living or bedroom with a large wall tapestry of your favourite Mediterranean destination. The tapestries make an instant design impact on expansive walls and high-ceiling rooms. You can also hang framed Mediterranean-scene art that is rich in colour and texture.

Use wrought iron candelabras, decorative metalwork, oversized glass hurricanes and terracotta planters to decorate your shelves and tabletops. Add recess lighting to accent these decor pieces at night. Accent your decor with cobalt blue glass objects, colourful tiles and pottery with rich greenery.

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