Couples from the 1980s

Updated July 20, 2017

Many memorable couples came from the 1980s. It was a time when big hair was fashionable, shoulder pads were not just worn on football players and tabloid outlets like the TV show, "A Current Affair" and the "Enquirer" put many famous couples in more of a public eye. Royal couples, political couples, TV couples and other celebrity power couples became known for being a twosome.

Royal Couples

In the early '80s, it was not uncommon for many little girls to dress up like Princess Diana. Many girls dream of becoming a princess one day, but few become one. In 1981, Prince Charles wed Diana Spencer, then a 21-year-old girl from Wales and instantly the couple became one of the most famous couples from that era. Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew were also a well-known couple of that time. Both marriages ended in divorce.

Political Couples

Of all the couples of the 1980s, Ronald and Nancy Reagan were one of the most famous duos of the time. The couple married in 1952 and stayed together almost 52 years. They wrote many love letters to each other throughout their courtship and marriage, many of which were later published. Later on in the 1980s, George and Barbara Bush were another presidential couple who were well-known. They have been married since 1945.

Fictional Television Couples

TV during the '80s had lots of programming for families. Shows that featured storylines about healthful family life with a mom and dad had some of the highest ratings. TV couples such as Claire and Bill Huxtable from "The Cosby Show" and Steve and Elyse Keaton from "Family Ties" were two TV parents who were very well known. Television shows featuring same-sex roommate arrangements were also popular and featured such well-known couples as Kate and Allie from "Kate & Allie" and Larry and Balki from "Perfect Strangers". Soap operas also drew high viewing numbers with famous couples such as Felicia and Frisco and Luke and Laura from "General Hospital."

Famous Celebrity Couples

Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner were a well-known celebrity power couple until she died in 1981. Loni Anderson and Burt Reynolds seemed to always be in the tabloid magazines during their tumultuous relationship. Madonna had a notable marriage to Sean Penn, while rock star Billy Joel married Christie Brinkley. Known as "The Donald" to this generation, Donald Trump was married to Ivana Trump, the mother of this three oldest children.

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