Decoration ideas for big vases

Updated April 17, 2017

Use big vases to add decorative detail to any room of the house. Tailor the use of the vase to the level of formality of the room and the room's current style. Whether you decide to fill the vase with a large floral arrangement or you opt for a less conventional decoration scheme with the vase, the possibilities for decorating with big vases are seemingly endless.


Create a large floral arrangement to fill a big vase for a fragrant and colourful touch to any room. Select flowers based on the season, opting for long-stemmed blooms to fill the large vase. Flowers with large blooms are also appropriate for a big vase, so peonies and hydrangeas are fitting choices. Other possible flowers to include in large vases are tulips, sunflowers or orchids. The height of the orchids will give an even more dramatic look to the vase.


Placing large vases in various locations within your house can add a unique decorative touch. Fill a vase with long-stemmed greenery and place it on the floor in your bedroom for the effect of a small, elegant "tree." Placing large vases along a bathtub adds a spa-like feel to the bathroom. Set two identical vases at either end of a wide mantel for a classic look. Another option is to place large vases on a console table in an entryway or behind a sofa for simple added style.

Unique Fillers

Put your vase to use as a practical item as well as a decorative accent to a room. For instance, use large, clear vases as holders for stalks of bamboo that can serve as a wall divider for a room; place the vases on a console table filled with tall bamboo stalks to separate different living spaces such as between a kitchen and a family room. Another option is to fill the vase with items that accent the theme of the room's decor. For instance, fill a large clear vase with various seashells for a beach-themed bedroom or living space.

Empty Vases

Use big vases as their own decoration for a sleek look; they don't need to be filled with anything to bring style to a room. For instance, select a bright-coloured vase to dress up a simple side table in your living space or as a basic centrepiece for your dining room table.

A vase with a unique interior is also suitable to be left empty; for example, if a vase has a contrasting colour painted on the interior, leave it empty to display that detail. Printed vases or vases in modern shapes and designs often make enough of a statement on their own that they don't require additional fillers to add decoration to a room, especially if they are large. (Reference 4)

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