Cover-up ideas for wrist tattoos

Updated March 23, 2017

Wrist tattoos are easily spotted by others because of their obvious position near the hands, and because most people generally do not wear long sleeves all year long. If you want to conceal your wrist tattoos for a job or public event, a few methods will help to cover them up.


Terry cloth elastic wristbands are often worn by athletes to keep sweat from running down from their arms onto their hands, but wristbands have also become popular to support organisations and fundraising efforts. Find a band that is wide enough to cover your wrist tattoo and stays in place. Wear the bands during sporting activities or events, rather than for more formal occasions.


Bracelets can be a formal or casual way to cover-up wrist tattoos. You will typically need to wear multiple bracelets to cover the entire tattoo, so look for a bangle-style set that will become thick enough to cover your entire tattoo. If you are wearing a bracelet or bracelet set to a more formal event, look for either a classic style or a decorative cuff bracelet. More casual dress can allow for more versatile bracelet designs, and you can even make thick cloth or leather bracelets with patterns or designs.


Wearing long-sleeved shirts may be the most obvious way to cover your wrist tattoos, but you will need to make sure the sleeves remain long enough to cover your tattoos when you move your arms. Sleeves will generally slip up your arm and reveal your tattoos, so look for an opaque design with fabric that wraps around and attaches to your thumb so the sleeve does not slide up. Gloves and wrist warmers can also be worn with long sleeves to conceal tattoos, if weather permits.


Cover your wrist tattoos with a make-up concealer that matches your skin tone. Apply a thick coat of liquid concealer onto the surface of your skin over the top of the tattoo. After you apply each coat, set the concealer with make-up powder. Continue this process until the tattoo is covered as much as possible.

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