Complementary colours to teal blue

Written by karenna cochrane | 13/05/2017
Complementary colours to teal blue
Teal blue can be overpowering if it isn't toned down by a complimentary colour. (Hemera Technologies/ Images)

Unlike black, white and grey, which are colours considered to work with the majority of other colours, teal blue works with select colours. Teal is a strong colour, and it can be paired with other strong colours or classic colours for a striking look. Teal can be incorporated into your wardrobe or your home for a refreshing, modern twist.

Bright colours for the home

Teal blue works with select bright colours like magenta, orange and purple. Having a white sofa with throw colours in these colours provides an inviting look to a living room. Curtains weaving teal with one or several of these bright colours also open up a space. Use one of these colours for an accent wall and use teal as your primary colour in an inspiring home office. Teal is also ideal for dressing up any room.

Classic colours for the home

A white, cream, beige or black sofa works with an assortment of teal blue cushions. Seek out an assortment of textures for a sophisticated finish to your living space. A teal blue occasional chair adds a dramatic pop of colour to a bedroom; mix an assortment of cream and black pillows and a throw blanket in the same colours.

Teal blue for a woman's wardrobe

Teal blue dress shirts work well with black, beige and white women's trousers, skirts and shorts. Mix a short teal dress with magenta pumps and a clutch for a bolder look in the evening or on your beach vacation. Wear an orange scarf with your favourite teal-coloured sweater dress.

Teal blue for a man's wardrobe

Pair teal blue with a cream-coloured suit for a formal event or weave it into your daily attire by complementing black dress paints with a teal blue shirt. Teal golf shirts mix well with beige-coloured golf shorts for summer fun on the greens.

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