Bride & mother gifts

Written by maria woehr | 13/05/2017
Bride & mother gifts
She's no longer your little girl. (BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images)

The mother of the bride usually helps the bride plan a lot of wedding details. And, usually, before the wedding, the bride gives her mother a gift as a token of appreciation. In turn, the mother reciprocates with a gift to wish her daughter luck in her new marriage. The gifts don't have to be expensive and often are keepsakes or family heirlooms.

Family Heirlooms

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue: The bride must have all of these, according to tradition. The mother of the bride may be the best person to give her something old or something borrowed. Weddings are the time that traditions can be formed in families, so think about what you would like your daughter to pass on from you to her daughter when her wedding day arrives. This can be a piece of jewellery or the mother's saved wedding dress. These gifts should be presented at a time when mother and daughter are planning the wedding.

Photos and Frames

It is often nice if the bride gives her mother a personalised, framed photo. A framed photo with a saying, such as, "Mother of The Bride," or a sentimental thank you message are perfect for the occasion, according to the RedEnvelope and websites. A double-picture frame -- with one frame displaying a photo of you both together in your younger years and the other frame displaying a current photo -- is a nice way to say you have learnt a lot from your mother.

Gift Tokens

The last week before the wedding is the most stressful time for the bride. The mother of the bride and bride can give each other gift tokens to get a massage or get spa treatments prior to the ceremony to unwind. If you do a day at the spa together, it may prove to be a meaningful bonding experience for the both of you.

Wedding Day Kit

Get a personalised wedding day kit. The kit should come with tissues, thread and needle, pen, paper, make-up, safety pins, pantyhose, toothbrush and toothpaste, and other emergency must-haves for mishaps that may come up during the day. The kit should be with one of your bridesmaids during the reception for safe keeping or at the front desk of the reception hall just in case you need it for touch-ups, according to The Knot website.

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