Can You Add "Buy it Now" to an Active eBay Auction?

Updated March 23, 2017

eBay's "Buy It Now" feature allows buyers to purchase items directly instead of having to win them using the site's traditional auction format. You determine whether to offer a Buy-It-Now price on your items when creating each item's listing. If you decide at a later time that you would like to offer Buy It Now on an item, you can revise the listing without cancelling the auction.

Auction Creation

The Buy-It-Now feature is typically added during the creation of an eBay auction listing. It requires a separate price be entered that's at least 10 per cent higher than the starting price of the auction unless the listing is for a vehicle in the eBay Motors portion of the site. Once the auction listing is submitted and goes live on the site, eBay users can begin bidding on the auction even if you neglected to add a Buy-It-Now price.

Revising Listings

If you want to add a Buy-It-Now price to an eBay listing that's already live, you can do so by revising the listing. Look up the item in the "All Selling" portion of "My eBay" and click "Revise" from the drop-down actions menu for the item's listing. The auction listing editing page will open, allowing you to make changes to the listing as needed. Enter a Buy-It-Now price and click "Submit" to save the revised listing with your fixed price option.


A Buy-It-Now price can't be added to an auction that has already received bids; when accessing the revision page, the option to add a fixed price will be greyed out. The revision also must be made with at least 12 hours remaining on the auction, as the option won't be available if the auction ends in less than 12 hours. The Buy-It-Now price must be higher than 60p and meet the 10 per cent requirement in regards to the starting bid.

Relisting an Item

If bids have already been received or there's less than 12 hours remaining on your auction, you can cancel the auction and relist it to add a Buy-It-Now price. If less than 12 hours remain, the auction must have no bids on it to be cancelled. To cancel a bid, visit eBay's "End My Listing Early" form and enter the item number for the auction. Click the "Cancel Bids and End Listing Early" option if there are bids on the item and more than 12 hours remaining on the listing. Click a reason for cancelling and submit the request. Once the auction listing is cancelled, relist the item and add a Buy-It-Now option to the new listing.

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