Monkey Face Painting Design Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

There are dozens of different kinds of monkeys hailing from across the globe sporting a range of colours and patterns. Whether you are looking for monkey face paint designs for a Halloween costume or as a way to jazz up a class project presentation, model your face paint after a monkey species you find particularly compelling.


Paint your face to resemble a mandrill, a big, rainforest-dwelling monkey found in equatorial Africa, according to National Geographic. Start by painting your eye sockets, brows and the space between your eyes a bright, cherry red. Paint two rounded white patches between your eye sockets and your top lip. Paint your nose, lips and lip area red. Paint your chin a light, latte brown and the rest of your face a darker reddish-brown.

Golden Lion Tamarin

Design your face paint to make you look like a golden lion tamarin if you are a big fan of the little ginger-haired monkeys. Paint your eyelids, nose and mouth in a rose-petal pink. Paint your eye sockets and nose a dark grey-purple colour. Use different shades of red, orange and brown combined to paint the tamarin's reddish "mane" on your cheeks, chin and forehead.

Japanese Snow Monkey

Paint your face to look like a Japanese macaque, or "snow monkey," if you want a monkey face that will match a grey, furry costume. Paint your eye sockets pink and make a pink line connecting your eye sockets across your brow bone. Create a monkey snoot by painting a fat, pink oval that starts on the lower half of your nose and extends down to your chin. Complete the snow monkey look by drawing greyish fur with quick swipes of white, grey and brown face paint on the parts of your face surrounding and separating the patches of pink.

Classic Brown Monkey

Create a classic brown monkey look on your face if you love monkeys and don't want to have to explain to people that you are painted to look like a certain species. Start with a pale creamy brown or peach colour of face paint. Paint a big, pale oval, like an egg laid on its side, encompassing your mouth and chin. Also paint your eye sockets the pale colour. Paint the rest of your face brown.

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