Birthday Party Places for 9-Year-Old Girls

Updated March 29, 2017

Planning a party that your 9-year-old daughter will adore can become a stressful and daunting task. With invitations, food, decorations and gifts to arrange, it's important to book the venue early to avoid disappointment. The key to throwing a successful party is to locate a venue that offers plenty of activities and entertainment options. Many 9-year-olds are bursting with energy and can grow bored quickly; choose the right place to hold your party, and it is guaranteed to be a hit.

Zoo or Aquarium

For an entertaining and educational birthday celebration, head to the local zoo or aquarium. Both of these outlets are well equipped to deal with excitable groups of children. Check with the venue beforehand; many offer group or birthday discounts. If this option is a little out of your price range, check with your local animal shelter to see if it allows groups of children to visit. Plan a treasure hunt beforehand at which the children can search for food and toys for the animals to take to the shelter.

Outdoor Pool

If you have access to a neighbourhood pool, plan a summer luau-themed event. Seek permission from the venue; it may allow you to hire out the entire pool or a designated section to set up the food and a birthday cake. Invite guests to wear flower garlands and serve drinks in pineapple cups. If you have booked the entire pool, set up a water volleyball net and organise a tournament between the guests.

Bowling Alley

Take the pressure off planning the entertainment by holding a party at the bowling alley. Split the guests into two teams so that they can compete against each other. Stop the loosing team from feeling left out by taking small prizes to give to every guest for taking part. Dine in the on-site restaurant after the bowling competition, and present the guest of honour with her birthday cake.

Ice Rink

Many little girls enjoy watching figure skaters and are often attracted to the glittering costumes. Plan an ice princess party with an afternoon of ice skating to celebrate her birthday. Ensure there are plenty of adults available to help with supervision, as getting the hang of it can be tricky if the guests have never been ice skating. Give the girls tiaras to wear as favours to coordinate with the ice princess theme.

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