Can You House Milk Snakes Together?

Written by nicole papagiorgio
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Can You House Milk Snakes Together?
Keeping milk snakes together should only be done by advanced keepers. (Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

Milk snakes are small, colourful non-venomous snakes. They have been kept as pets in captivity for decades, and can be found in the wild throughout Canada and the United States. Whether or not milk snakes can be housed together depends on several factors, but it is ultimately the choice of the keeper.


Male milk snakes are often more feisty and territorial than female milk snakes. Housing two male milk snakes together is more likely to lead to fighting than housing two female milk snakes together or housing one male and one female milk snake together.


Hatchling milk snakes usually pose no threat to each other and can be kept together, apart from any adults. According to Reptiles N' Critters, hatchling milk snakes can be kept together until they are two feet in length.


Milk snakes and closely related species such as kingsnakes are known for eating other snakes in the wild, and can do so in captivity. A bigger milk snake is more likely to eat a smaller milk snake, so any milk snakes kept together should be the same size.


One sign of a healthy snake is that it eats and defecates properly. If two snakes are housed together, it may be difficult to determine whose faeces is whose. Also, they may fight over food, and diseases are more communicable to each snake.


There are many reasons not to house milk snakes together, but no good reasons to do so, with the exception of breeding. If you are keeping milk snakes together, keep a close eye on them and have a spare enclosure ready in case they need to be separated quickly.

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