White Flower Long-Stemmed Plants

Creating a white garden of cutting flowers provides a garden display in addition to readily available cut, white flowers for the home. Choosing plants producing flowers on long, strong stems makes cutting and arranging fresh white flowers a pleasant task. By selecting flowers that bloom in spring, summer and late summer or early autumn, the season for fresh-cut flowers lasts through the growing season.


Prairie Star is a white rose with a faint, pink blush in cool weather. Clusters of full, double flowers form on long stems, providing a vase full of flowers from one stem. Sally Holmes produces clusters of single flowers on long cutting stems. Winchester Cathedral is a fragrant white rose for cutting. It may at times have a pink tinge. Pope John Paul II is very fragrant with pure-white blossoms borne singly on long stems. Pascali is white with a classic hybrid tea blossom. There is also a miniature Pascali rose with perfectly formed smaller white flowers. Choose cultivars suited to your climate zone.

Lilies and Iris

Oriental lilies are fragrant flowers on long stems. Sapporo has flowers up to 8 inches across and is pure white, blooming in late August. The 4-0foot tall Casa Blanca produces large, pure-white, fragrant blossoms in August. Muscadet at up to 5 feet tall produces fragrant, white lilies with a speckled, pink centre. Trumpet lilies have trumpet-shaped blooms. Ice Caves has creamy-white trumpets with green throats on a 5-foot plant in July. Ice Follies has large, fragrant trumpets on a tall plant beginning in early July. Dutch irises are the florists' irises. Excelsior and White Wedgwood have pure white flowers with a yellow stripe.


Peonies have a short blooming season beginning in late May. By choosing early-, mid- and late-season bloomers, you may cut fresh peonies for about six weeks. Single, semidouble, anemone and Japanese flower forms are good for cutting. Very early blooming Claire de Lune is a fragrant white single on 32-inch stems. Campagna is a bright-white, early-blooming single. Solo Flight is very faintly blushed with a soft yellow centre for early midseason bloom. The Japanese flowered Carrara is a midseason white with a creamy centre. Late-blooming Faribo Gold is white with a gold centre on tall stems.

Bulbs and Perennials

White spring-blooming tulips are available in single and parrot forms. The Darwin hybrids were developed for large flowers, strong stems and reliable return. Daffodils may be naturalised for the spring garden. Mount Hood is white with pure white trumpets. Double trumpet forms are available in white-on-white. Tall garden phlox David is glowing white and fragrant, blooming in the summer on tall cutting stems. Shasta daisies produce bright white daisies with sunny yellow centres. Remove side buds for solitary blossoms on long stems. White garden chrysanthemums come in flower forms including daisy and pom-pom. Along with asters, chrysanthemums bloom in late summer to fall.

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