Homemade Furniture Ideas

Written by missy farage | 13/05/2017
Homemade Furniture Ideas
Homemade furniture can add a unique touch to your patio or interior. (Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images)

Add a homemade touch to your outdoor decor by creating your own furniture for your patio and garden. You can create furniture out of almost any material you have at your fingertips, whether it's driftwood, wicker, or store-bought lumber. If you know you want to make a piece of furniture, but don't know what to do, these homemade furniture ideas will get you started.

Driftwood Bench

Make a creative yet comfortable addition to your patio by building and installing a driftwood bench. A driftwood bench is a great installation for those who live by a lake or the ocean. Driftwood can be a challenging material to work with, because the wood pieces aren't always straight ,and you'll often have to mix and match different kinds of wood. The novelty of driftwood furniture lies in its unique appearance.

Swinging Bench

Swinging benches can be fun for the children and relaxing for you. Building a swinging bench is considerably more difficult than building a regular bench. The bench can be hung simply with chain and eye-hooks beneath a deck or the eaves on a front porch, but you need to ensure that what you attach it to can handle the weight of someone sitting in it. Your bench can be constructed of driftwood, store-bought lumber, or wooden beams and woven wicker.

Homemade Chairs

Building your own wooden chairs can allow you to create a unique resting spot for every member of your family. These homemade chairs can be used inside or out, and can be painted with each family member's name and favourite colour.

Game Table

Create a game table for the interior of your home. This can be done by designing a simple table and using wood purchased from the lumber yard. Although designing the table can be a somewhat challenging task, painting it as a game board will give it a colourful and versatile finish. Paint a chess or backgammon board in the centre of the table, along with designs or even the names of your family's favourite games. This table can be paired with the homemade chairs for a bright, fun, family-themed living room.

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