Easy Tennis Crafts

Updated July 19, 2017

Tennis is a competitive sport all ages can enjoy. Helping children gain an interest in tennis will not only help them stay physically fit, but will help develop hand-eye coordination and sportsmanship. Help children understand the game of tennis and develop an interest in the game through exposure to it and through entertainment crafts. Crafts help children gain interest and comprehend a subject, so create easy tennis crafts with your kids to help them become interested in the sport.

Tennis Shoe Crafts

Decorate canvas tennis shoes to really make a fashion statement on the tennis court. Tennis shoes can be easily customised by using simple materials. Use a fine-tip permanent marker to write words and phrases on your shoes or simply glue a silk flower bloom to the top of the shoe. Use fabric paint, jewels and buttons to embellish tennis shoes. Customise tennis shoes to match a tennis outfit or make a one-of-a-kind statement.

Tennis Ball Painting

Create easy paintings with tennis balls. Put some tempera paint into a container. Dip or drop an old tennis ball into the container. With at least one side of the tennis ball covered with paint, use it as a brush to put paint onto a canvas. If space permits, try throwing the ball at the paper. This will get messy, so it's best to do this somewhere you can splatter paint without damaging anything. Use the ball to make dots and lines, shapes and even people. Use several balls and several coloured paints for a colourful effect.

Tennis Buddies

Create cute and friendly tennis buddies out of a tennis racket, tennis ball and some simple craft materials. Use paper to draw circle for eyes and a smiling mouth. Cut out the shapes and attach them to a tennis racket and a tennis ball with tape. Make a yarn wig by cutting small lengths of yarn and tying a piece in the middle. Attach with tape. If you want a more permanent buddy, use glue to attach the eyes, mouth and hair to the racket and ball.

Tennis Racket Craft

Make a tennis racket for some backyard fun. Use a wire clothes hanger to make the racket. Bend the hanger into a diamond shape. Cut off the leg of a nylon hose and pull it over the wire, then use duct tape to secure it. Create a handle by straightening the hook and wrapping it with duct tape. Use the racket to hit a wadded-up paper ball or other lightweight ball. Purchase a ping-pong ball that looks like a tennis ball at sporting-goods stores as a nice addition to this easy craft.

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