Porter Duties and Job Responsibilities

Updated March 23, 2017

Porters, or bellhops, are persons who work for a hotel, airline, railroad or bus system and hold the distinction of being the first ones to greet passengers and guests. Such workers are really the public face of their place of employment. But the duties and responsibilities of porters go beyond what you may think; these hospitality professionals tend to various duties.


The main duty of typical porters is to carry the baggage of patrons of hotels and transportation terminals. Porters may have to bring the luggage to a cab or bus or to a storage room in a hotel. Porters working for an airline will help a guest from the time the guest is dropped off at the airline terminal. Porters will check bags in, so travellers don't have to lug their luggage all the way to the airline counter. Sometimes the luggage is very heavy, so porters must have some strength.

Customer Assistance

Porters are responsible for assisting customers who have questions. Porters offer information to guests about ATM locations, restaurant options and tourist attractions. Porters must know the surrounding areas well enough to offer appropriate, knowledgeable assistance to guests.

Customer Satisfaction

One of the main duties of a porter is to ensure that guests are comfortable and enjoying their stay. Porters must be very respectful and professional. They must fulfil all appropriate requests of guests to the best of their ability.

Other Duties

Sometimes porters are responsible for certain cleaning and other activities. They may wash airport terminal floors or inspect problems that guests have. If a problem is found in a guest's room, then the porter notifies the maintenance department immediately to ensure the problem is fixed. Porters often sweep and mop hotel floors, take out trash and arrange furniture. They may run errands for guests, show guests how to work things in their hotel rooms and bring food and drinks to guest's rooms.

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