Mary & Martha Bible Crafts

Updated April 17, 2017

Mary and Martha and their brother Lazarus were close friends of Jesus. There are several Bible passages about their interactions. One of the stories, found in Luke 10:38-42, is about when Jesus came to supper. Another story, from John 11:1-45, tells about the death of Lazarus. Both stories share important Biblical principles and lend themselves to a variety of crafts.

Make a Mat

Create a place mat from a sheet of cardstock. On the sheet, have the children draw a picture from the story of Mary sitting at Jesus' feet to listen while her sister prepared the meal. Include the Biblical reference Luke 10:38-42. Allow the children to colour their picture and decorate the mat with markers, crayons and glitter. Laminate the mats.

Alternatively, cut mat-size cloth pieces from flannel. With markers or fabric paint, have the children add the Bible reference with the heading, "Mary Listens to Jesus." Provide pieces of various colours of flannel the children can use to cut out shapes and decorate their mats. Laminate the mats to give them stability.

Draw It

Provide templates of a bowl and spoon. Have the children draw freehand or use the templates to create their own bowl and spoon on a sheet of cardstock or cardboard. Ask the children to add the Bible reference Luke 10:38-42 to the bowl and their names to the handle of the spoons. After the children decorate their bowls and spoons, have them cut them out. Have them mimic eating as you begin your story. After you finish the story, have them glue the spoon to the bowl and punch a hole in the top to add a ribbon or yarn tie so their craft can be hung up. Or, the children can glue a magnet to the back so their craft will adhere to their home refrigerators.

Make Faces

From online or printed material, copy faces for the main figures of the two Mary and Martha stories. For both stories, have the children colour and cut out life-size faces of Mary, Martha and Jesus. For the story of Lazarus, add the face of Lazarus all bound up in grave cloths. Add a 15-inch dowel rod to the backs of the faces. Either ask children to volunteer to play the parts of the story or divide the children into groups and each do the story in turn. For the volunteers, you tell the story as they mime the actions. For the groups, ask them to choose one of their group to narrate the story while they mime it using the faces. The children can use the faces to cover their own faces while playing the characters.

Paper Plate Resurrection

Print out copies of Jesus, Mary, Martha, Lazarus in his grave cloths and a cave for his grave. Colour and, except for Lazarus, glue onto a plain paper plate with the figures around the grave. Add a craft stick to the back of the Lazarus figure. Cut a slit in the grave cave. As Jesus tells Lazarus to "Come forth," the children can slide Lazarus up through the slit in his grave as he comes alive again.

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