Dairy-Free Powdered Milk Alternatives

Updated July 20, 2017

Many people go dairy-free for a number of reasons, be it stemming from a lactose intolerance, allergies or living a vegan lifestyle. Finding alternatives for everyday items such as milk and cheese can be easy, but other items such as powdered milk is a bit tougher to find -- but they do exist; you may just have to dig a little more.

Powdered Soy Milk

Powdered soy milk, made by removing all water from soy milk, is a popular alternative to powdered cow milk, and works well with both hot and cold water. Although not extremely common, powdered soy milk can be found in some grocery stores and online. A few powdered soy milk products include Organic Non-GMO Whole Soybean Powder by Best Life International, Now Instant Soy Milk Powder and Ener-G Soyquik by Ener-G.

Rice Milk Powder

For those who try to stay away from soy as well as animal products, rice milk powder is a common alternative. The product is not as readily available as its soy cohort, and may prove tough to find in stores, but is fairly easy to purchase online. Companies such as Better Than Milk offer a powdered rice milk product that is dairy, soy and gluten free. Rice milk powder can give baked goods a lighter texture.


Yes, potato-based milk powder can be used in place of powdered dairy milk. This dairy-, fat-, cholesterol- and gluten-free alternative is easiest found online, but may be found at health or speciality food stores. DariFree(TM) original and chocolate-flavoured potato-based milk powder is available in a number of different sizes through Vance's Foods.

Additional Alternatives

Other alternatives including coconut milk powder and powdered almond milk are also available. Although not dairy-free, if you are just trying to stay away from cow milk, you can find powdered goat and sheep milk at select health stores, online or straight from the dairy.

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