Bodybuilder cake ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Whether you are making a cake for an actual bodybuilder or someone just interested in the sport, this is an opportunity to get creative. Bodybuilding cakes can range from 3D shapes to figurines placed on a cake. When making a bodybuilder cake for an actual bodybuilder, it is important to make sure that it represents them as well as the sport.


Every bodybuilder is familiar with a set of dumbbells. Create a birthday cake with fake dumbbells on top or even shape a sheet cake to look like a set of dumbbells. Add funny phrases or impossible weight limits such as 1588 Kilogram.


A bodybuilder works on toning the entire body for fitness. Create a cake shaped like a flexing bodybuilder's bicep. Decorate it with tattoos, especially if the bodybuilder you are making it for has a tattoo of their own on their bicep. Try to make the bicep realistic by adding muscular curves.

Character Cakes

A character cake can be appropriate for both the bodybuilding fan and the actual bodybuilder. Create one using figurines made from gum paste or purchased from the cake decorating store. Have your figurines lifting a set of weights or resting on a weight bench. Find figurines of bodybuilders posing and place them on top of a cake with a few sets of dumbbells.

Torso Cake

Just like the bicep cake, a bodybuilder's torso can be carved out of a sheet cake. Add any tattoos, scars or simply a message across the front of the torso cake to represent the bodybuilder you are making it for.

Bodybuilding Medals

Bodybuilders often enter competitions. If you are making a cake for a bodybuilder who has won one or is in the process of training, create a cake that will look like the medal from that competition. These medal cakes can be created from small rounds of cake that are decorated with fondant coloured like the medal (usually gold, silver or bronze). Finish the cake with ribbons decorated to look like the real thing and write the competition name on the front of the medal.

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