Alcove Storage Ideas

When decorating a room with an alcove, you may be frustrated with the way that the recess disrupts the lines and flow of the space. However, consider how it may work to your advantage. An alcove is an ideal spot to create storage space since the recess sets the area back from the rest of the room. Possibilities for alcove storage are plentiful, so consider factors like the size of the space, the room that it is in and the items that you plan to store.


Adding shelves to an alcove is an easy way to create a built-in storage unit for your room. Install shelves that run wall to wall to give the shelving vertical end points and provide maximum storage. This style of alcove shelving is ideal for storing books, DVDs, games and toys. If you want to conceal items, add baskets to the shelves for more discreet storage. For a more distinct look in your alcove, you may also stagger floating shelves between the two walls. Staggered shelving is an ideal option if you want to purchase pre-made shelves but cannot find any that fit exactly between the two walls. Alternate the shelves on each side so the space does not look cluttered or cramped. Focus the shelving in the middle of the alcove or take it floor to ceiling for more storage possibilities.


If you are not particularly handy, one of the most convenient ways to utilise an alcove for storage is to add a chest of drawers. Measure the space carefully so you can find a pre-made unit that fits the space. You may even place two drawer units side by side if you have enough space. This type of storage is ideal for keeping a cluttered family or living room neat because you hide away items in the drawers whenever you want to tidy up. For additional storage options, place an armoire-style unit in your alcove so you have shelves hidden behind doors in addition to drawers to store items.

Closet Rod

If your alcove is inside your bedroom or near an entrance to your home, adding a rod can transform the space into a usable closet. In a bedroom, you can add a door in front of the alcove so the room maintains a neat, tidy appearance. Beside your back or front door, however, you can leave the rod exposed so your family can easily hang jackets and coats as they come into the house. If you require additional storage space, add a shelf above the rod where you can keep hats, scarves, gloves or any other items that you may be unable to hang.


In a smaller alcove, hooks are an effective alternative to a curtain rod. Stagger them on the wall so you can easily hang jackets and coats. If your alcove is in the kitchen, hooks can provide storage for hanging pots, pans, aprons, utensils and other kitchen tools. In a utility room, use hooks in your alcove to store cleaning supplies such as a feather duster, dustpan and work gloves.

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