Cake Decorating Ideas for Beginners

Written by shaleah patterson | 13/05/2017
Cake Decorating Ideas for Beginners
Decorating a cake with precise detail takes time and concentration. (Ryan McVay/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

Decorating cakes dates back centuries and is an art which can be an interesting and delightful hobby. There are tons of toppings that can make a cake look elegant. Whether you're learning to decorate a cake for birthdays, holidays or just for the fun of it, cake decorating can become an enthralling pasttime.

Pizza Cake

Bake a 10-inch, round, yellow cake layer. Mix some buttercream with red food colouring to spread onto the cake layer. Make sure to leave 1 inch around the base to make it look like the pizza crust. Use icing sugar or grated white chocolate to sprinkle over the buttercream. Use pieces of chocolates, jelly bean candies and coconut candies to represent different toppings on the pizza. Sprinkle those around the top of the pizza.

Basic Raspberry Cake

Bake a one- or two-layer cake and decorate it with white icing or buttercream. Use a cake comb to pinstripe the sides of the cake. Use a star tip pastry decorator to make small circles all around the circumference of the cake. On each circle, place a raspberry on top. Make a circle of raspberries in the centre of the cake.

Car Cake

Bake a rectangular cake, in the shape of a pound cake and spread frosting or buttercream around the entire cake. Use small or large cookies for the wheels of the car. Then, use icing to make the windows and details of the car. Decorate the car cake with chocolate chips, sprinkles and whatever else you like. Use a liquorice stick for the car's antenna.

Castle Cake

Although a castle cake may seem like a complicated task, it's fairly easy. Simply bake two sponge cakes, one smaller than the other. Spread some buttercream in the centre of the bottom layer of the sponge cake, then place the smaller layer of the sponge cake on top of it. Cover the entire cake with butter cream. Add food colouring to the buttercream before applying it to the cake to add a nice colour. Place four mini rolls or devil dogs around the bottom layer and top layer of the cake in proportionate places. Use buttercream to put around the base of eight ice cream cones and place the cones on top of the chocolate mini rolls. Then, add edible decorations, such as dolly mixtures, chocolate buttons and sprinkles.

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