16th Birthday Card Messages

Updated July 19, 2017

Turning 16 is an important milestone in life. For many teens, 16 is the end of their childhood, and they can see adulthood on the horizon. To mark this special occasion for a teen you know, make your own card or write a special message inside a blank card.

For Sweet 16

For many teen girls, this year is the big one. Today's young women are celebrating 16 just like a debutante coming out to society. Whether your teen is a princess for a day or a diva in the spotlight, she is not too old yet for some sweet sentiments.

Example: Watching a sweet girl grow into an amazing young woman has been a gift to me. / My gift to you comes with loving thoughts and best wishes for your future.

Example: (Front) Sweet 16 / Smart 16 / Sassy 16 / Special 16

(Inside message) You are all these things and then some!

For a New Driver

In many countries and states, turning 16 means only one thing to teens: a license to drive. Take this opportunity to celebrate your teen's new-found freedom while still dispensing sage advice. Remember, goodhearted humour goes a long way with a teenager, so try to keep the message light without lecturing.

Example: (Front) Now that you are 16, / You can start driving... / Driving Dad crazy for the car keys. / Driving Mom up the walls with worry. / And, of course...

(Inside) Driving yourself into debt to pay for the gas you'll be burning. / Welcome to the club!

Example: (Front) If you are planning on hitting the road soon and tearing up the tracks just remember one thing ... (Inside) We all want you to be here to celebrate next year!

Sentimental 16

While most teens will not be marking this birthday as a solemn occasion, there is no reason not to give them a sentimental card. Some teenagers are so excited about growing older that they don't take time to enjoy the youth they have left.

Example: "Hold onto 16" / As the old song says, / Enjoy this year, have fun and learn. / Don't look too far ahead, / While you make memories / You will look back upon / For many years to come.

Simple Greetings

If you want to avoid too much sentiment, or you do not know the birthday teen very well, write a simple message in the card. A handwritten message still highlights the special occasion, but does not have to be too creative.

Example: Today is "the first day of the rest of your life" so have a fantastic party and start it right!

Example: SWEET! You're 16! Congratulations!

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