Ways to Tie Chair Sashes

Updated April 17, 2017

A chair sash is a wonderful way to dress up a chair. An eyesore dining room chair set can become the envy of your friends. A chair sash comes in many different colours, fabrics, and textures, and is practically essential for weddings, parties and fancy holiday gatherings. The basis for a beautiful chair sash is the front of the chair; make sure the sash is flat and tight in the front so that the finish in the back can be beautiful. Tying a chair sash can make or break you; a well-tied sash will elevate the presentation and impress your guests.

Basic Bow

The basic bow is the oldest and most widely used way to decorate a sash. Tie a basic bow by taking both ends of the sash in your hands and creating a loop with each end. Take the two loops and tie them together in a knot, making sure the centre knot is flat and the tail ends of the bow are straight. Fluff the loops of the bow.

Square Knot

The square knot is a simple knot that when tightened, creates a lovely cinch at the crossroads of all the fabric ends. Make a square knot by tying a loose knot using the two ends. Tie another knot over it. Before you tighten the knot, arrange the top section of the knot to be flat on top, then tighten the knot. This creates a beautiful presentation with the least amount of hassle.

Oriental Bow

The oriental bow is a new spin on the basic bow, but is just as easily done. Make the oriental bow by starting with a regular bow. Turn the bow on its side and move the placement of the two tails of the bow to be facing the floor. Pull the top part of the bow to be roughly twice the size of the bottom bow, adjusting the bottom bow smaller as well. This is an expensive and complicated looking bow, without the expense.

Flower Bow

The flower bow is not a bow at all. Make the flower bow by starting with a basic square knot. Take about 2 inches of fabric from the tails and bunch it up around the knot arranging it into a circle shape as you go. The bow should look a little like a doughnut. Place a rubber band behind the flower shape on the tails to hold the flower in place. Arrange the tails and embellish with a pin in the centre if you'd like.

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