Easy Hijab Styles

Updated February 21, 2017

The hijab is a head covering worn by Muslim women the world over. Styles vary greatly, from sweeping scarves that reach the waist to simple wraps that fit closely and cover little more than the hair and neck. There are many different ways to wear the hijab and plenty of easy styles that can be secured with just a few twists and ties and in some cases, none at all.

Under the Chin Knot

Almost any scarf makes a decent hijab, so for quick and easy style, take a large, square-shaped scarf and fold it in half to form a triangle shape. Pull the hair back securely, so no loose strands fall forward and place the folded scarf so that it is centred on the head, with the top peak of the triangle aligning with the middle of the back. Tie the loose ends securely under the chin to finish the look.

Basic Wrap Around

A basic wraparound hijab look can be done with a long, rectangular scarf and can be worn low or pushed back to reveal fringe if so desired. To create the style, pull the hair back and secure with a tie or a clip, preferably forming a large bun to anchor the scarf around. Next, take a rectangle shaped scarf and place it over the head so that one end hits at the chin and the other drapes downward. Take the long end and wrap it around the head several times until the end of the material is reached. Tuck this loose end into one side or secure with a decorative pin. If the scarf has a design on one end, wrap this part of the fabric around the head last so the image is displayed.

Instant Hijab

For a simple look that involves little effort, a pre-made hijab makes getting dressed easy. There are various forms of ready-made hijabs, most shaped like tubes of cloth, which can be quickly pulled over the head and require no further styling or adjustments. Some come with elastic bands to hold them securely in place, or have a stylised panel that rests over the forehead, holding back stray bits of hair. Hijab caps are also available, which fit closely to conceal the hair and do not have any long or loose ends, resembling a cloche-style hat with a neck cover. The caps are ready made and can be quickly pulled on without the need for detailed adjustments.

Around the Neck Tie

The around the neck tie is a flattering and easy style of hijab that highlights the face while covering the neck and bosom, creating a look that's modest and attractive. To create the style, pull the hair back into a bun and take a rectangular scarf and place it over the head with the ends extending down evenly on either side. Next, take the loose ends and tie them tightly in a knot around the back of the head. Finally, grab one end and bring it around the front, over the neck and to the back of the head on the opposite side; for example, the piece from the back of the left side of the head would then be pulled around and tied on the back of the right side. Repeat the manoeuvre on the opposite side and tuck the ends underneath the edges of the scarf in back, securing with pins if needed.

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