Ideas for Masquerade Table Centerpieces

Updated April 17, 2017

A masquerade is a fantasy-themed costume party where all the guests wear masks. Dating back to at least the Italian Renaissance, masquerades are traditionally held during Carnival and Mardi Gras celebrations, but are suitable for any party throughout the year. Many masquerade decorations utilise masks, feathers and beads as the main materials. However, there are several centrepieces you can create with just those three basic concepts.

Floating Mask Balloons

Invest in a helium balloon shaped like a Venetian mask to turn a plain balloon bouquet into a sparkling masquerade centrepiece. Fill glittery green, purple and/or gold latex balloons with helium. Tie the coloured balloons and shaped balloon with gold ribbon. Arrange the balloons into a floating bouquet with the shaped balloon sticking from the top. Tie the ends of the ribbons to a balloon weight, such as a rock covered with sparkling wrapping paper. You can also tie the ribbons to a weighted sack and place it in a decorative basket, vase or box.

Mask Bouquet

Masquerade masks mounted to decorative sticks make a sparkling centrepiece for a party. Buy or make simple eye masks covered with glitter and feather details. Wrap a matching ribbon around a thin wooden dowel and tie it in a bow at the top. Glue the left edge of the mask to the top of the stick and let dry. Repeat the process to create three mounted masks. Slide one stick into a glass vase filled with matching glitter. Slide a second stick into the vase at a right angle and the third stick into the vase at a left angel. Sprinkle a circle of glitter in the middle of table and place the vase in the centre.

Bead Balloons

Stick with black, white and silver colours to create a masquerade centrepiece with a sophisticated style. Pull the mouth of a clear, round, latex balloon open and carefully slide in a large handful of silver tinsel, large black beads and small white feathers. Blow the balloon up almost full and tie the mouth closed. Place the stuffed balloon, mouth down, in the middle of the table. Surround the bottom of the balloon with a string of black beads. Lean a black and white half-mask with feather detail against the bottom of the balloon.

Sparkling Candles

Candles look elegant as table centrepieces, regardless of whether or not they're lit. Bring a Mardi Gras feel to your masquerade party with sparkling green, purple and gold candles. Select three pillar candles for each centrepiece, one in each colour. Arrange the candles in the middle of the table. Sprinkle mask-shaped Mardi Gras beads and glittering tinsel around the candle bases.

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