Birthday present ideas for a 40 year old man

Updated April 17, 2017

Turning 40 is an emotional step for many men. Choose the right gift to make that special man in your life feel appreciated as he grows older. If he is married with children, consider getting one large gift from the entire family or having the kids make a homemade present for a more personal feel. If he is still a bachelor, a gift to help him feel like he's still in his 30s is ideal.

Homemade Gifts

Homemade gifts are a creative option, especially for men with children. Consider having your children help you create a scrapbook or family photo album that will let him relive his most cherished years as a father. Sometimes a simple hand-drawn birthday card can make a father feel especially appreciated. If you don't have children but still think he would love something homemade, consider making him his favourite meal or dessert and having a romantic picnic inside beside the fireplace.

Gifts for Health

Men who are turning 40 may be especially interested in keeping up with their health and fitness levels. Consider a gym membership for the guy who is looking to get back into shape. Sign him up for an adventure class through your local park district or health club. Think about classes like skiing, kayaking or skydiving. He may also appreciate an exercise machine for the home or a new pair of running shoes.

Weekend Getaways

Help him get away from his everyday life with a romantic getaway or a weekend away with his friends. If he is married or dating, consider buying plane tickets and sending him on a romantic getaway with the woman in his life. If you are the woman in his life, revisit the place you went on your honeymoon or take a road trip to somewhere he's always wanted to go. A man who is turning 40 may also appreciate a weekend full of sporting events with his buddies. Consider purchasing tickets to his favourite team's upcoming game or buying him plane tickets to Las Vegas for the weekend.

Help Him Feel Younger

Many 40-year-old men are self-conscious about their age. If your man is feeling a little depressed about turning 40, give him a gift that will help him feel young again. Send him to the spa for a relaxing day that will leave him feeling refreshed and 10 years younger. If a spa isn't his cup of tea, consider purchasing his favourite top-shelf liquor. Think about purchasing a new car, if it's in the budget, to get him feeling like a teenage boy again. If you stay true to his interests, choosing the perfect gift will be easy.

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