The best supermarket canned cat foods

Updated April 17, 2017

Canned cat food is a healthy and quick dietary option for your cat's complete or supplemental diet. Canned cat food comes in a variety of flavours appealing to cats, including chicken and fish. Unlike dry cat food that comes in bags, canned cat food is usually wet and thus easier to eat for younger kittens or cats with dental issues. Wet cat food also contains more water than dry cat food, thus ensuring your cat will stay hydrated.

Wellness Cat Food Formula

Wellness Cat Food Formula is high in protein. Many flavours are safely preserved with natural ingredients such as Vitamin E rather than unnatural additives. Even when Wellness had to recall several cans of cat food in March 2011 due to a vitamin deficiency in the formula, experts still raved on how well the company handled the recall. Wellness Cat Food Formula is expensive, about 90p for a 156gr. can of cat food as of publication.

Natural Balance Indoor Formula

Natural Balance Indoor Formula is ideal for indoor cats. It comes in only one flavour, with real chicken broth, liver and salmon, all protein-rich ingredients. The formula is free of wheat, corn and soy found in cheaper cat foods. No artificial colours or unnatural preservatives are added to this formula. A 170gr. can of Natural Balance Indoor Formula is approximately 70p as of publication.

Trader Joe's Canned Cat Food

Storebrand cat food is often chock-full of unhealthy ingredients, according to Consumer Search. While there are grains present in the Trader Joe's brand, the primary ingredients include chicken broth, turkey and ocean fish rather than meat by-products and additives that you would find in cat foods at this same price. For a 156gr. can of Trader Joe's cat food, you will pay around 60 cents as of publication.

Newman's Organic Cat Food

Of all organic cat foods, Newman's is the best. Cat owners looking to limit their cat's exposure to chemicals and additives will find Newman's Organics packed with chickens fed all-vegetable and antibiotic-free diets. Newman's guarantees that its products are at least 95 per cent organic. While the cat food contains rice, it is free of wheat and corn. Newman's Organic Cat Food is available for approximately 90p for a 156gr. can as of publication.

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